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Leo Heart

  • Accomplished mathematician and crypto reseacher
  • Seasoned crypto leader and public speaker
  • Skilled teacher and community trainer
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Our Values

Heart - The source of intuition and harmony
Math - The crystal clear truth in mind
BItcoin - The new free cash payment system
Freedom - Fight for freedom or surrender to AI 


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Leo heart

Bitcoin wave

Check the model prediction for bitcoin price up to 10 years in advance. Make smart decisions and trade in profit. 

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bitcoin wave model

community custom indicator at tradingvew.com by leoum, Sep
2023. Just find and add it to bitcoin weekly chart.

Bitcoin wave model

pine script at tradingview.com/script , 2 Sep 2023 

bitcoin market cap wave model weekly

pine script at tradingview.com/script , 1 Sep 2023 

mathematical formula for the bitcoin price

article at linkedin.com/in/leoheart/ , 9 August, 2023 

The bitcoin halving cycle clock

article at linkedin.com/in/leoheart/ , 23 July, 2023 

bitcoin price mathematical model

article at Medium.com, 25 June

Inspirations for the model

Author's insights about the model and its implications.